About Us


Audit Corporate Governance Services is a leading firm in the field, which specializes in providing internal auditing services and risk management; capital markets review forensic auditing, corporate governance, and SOX compliance.


Audit Corporate Governance Services consists of a professional team of experts in economics, accounting, law, business administration, and information systems analysis. We have a broad business vision and much experience, and we accomplish with multidisciplinary working methods tailored for companies and organizations in the modern era.


We at Audit Corporate Governance Services serve as internal auditors in leading public companies, municipal authorities, Kibbutzim, charities, and non-profit organizations. We also provide outsourcing of auditing services for internal auditors of large corporations, compliance officers, and legal advisors.

Our firm provides the following services:
  • Internal auditing and risk management.

  • Auditing for the Israeli capital markets.

  • Corporate governance and SOX compliance.

  • Forensic auditing and probes of frauds.

  • Writing operating procedures.


Our firm is an authorized provider of the Israeli Ministry of Defense.


Audit Corporate Governance Services maintains a high professional level; we are self-checking and work with rigorous accuracy. We provide services to all clients, from the largest to the smallest, with close cooperation, keeping to a strict time table, while striving for excellence and with concern for our customers’ interests.


The firm’s clientele represents a diverse range of business activities in areas such as the capital markets, insurance and pensions, energy and infrastructure, green energy, bio-technology, industry and trade, hotels and tourism, kibbutzim and agriculture and real estate.