Audit Corporate Governance Services is a leading firm in the field based in Israel, which specializes in providing internal auditing services and risk management; capital markets review forensic auditing, corporate governance, and SOX compliance.

AUDIT has vast experience working with multi national enterprizes and conduction internal audit and forensic projects around the globe.

We welcome the peace agreement between Israel and United Arab Emirates and seeking for new opportunities to get involved in internal audit, SOX and compliance projects in the UAE and to collaborate with similar organizations in the UAE as subcontractors. 

Audit Corporate Governance Services consists of a professional team of experts in economics, accounting, law, business administration, and information systems analysis. We have a broad business vision and much experience, and we accomplish with multidisciplinary working methods tailored for companies and organizations in the modern era.

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Our Service

Internal audit and risk assessments

​Capital markets audits

Corporate governance and ISOX compliance

Forensic audit and fraud assessments

Policy documentation

Global Experience

AUDIT has a vast experience working with multi national enterprizes and conduction internal audit and forensic projects around the globe. 

The company has an extensive international experience.  We can provide audit services in 4 different languages: English, Spanish, Russian and Portuguese.
The countries in which we conducted audit work includes: USA, Italy, Netherlands, Mexico, El Salvador, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Spain, India, Dominican Republic, Poland and more.

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Hovav Rika, CPA, Partner

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Hovev Rika, CPA, has a Bachelor’s degree in accounting and business administration from the College of Management (Israel), Certification holder of Quality Control Internal Audit Department (QAR) and is a member of the Israel Internal Auditors Organization (IIA). 

Hovev Rika, CPA, has over eight years of internal audit, consulting on risk management and controls, and SOX implementation experience.  He is in charge of the internal auditing and risk assessments practice of our firm. 

Shelly Gliklich-Fuchs, CPA, Partner 

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Shelly Gliklich Fox, CPA, manages the internal audit and ISOX practices in our firm.  She is the auditor of many companies, and specializes in internal audit for public and private corporations in different sectors: capital markets (including mutual funds), index-linked notes and banks, as well as infrastructure (including water), holding corporations, and high-tech companies.

Ms. Gliklich-Fuchs has substantial experience and knowledge in performing comprehensive risk assessments, leading Sarbanes-Oxley related projects, and ISOX. 

 Michael Gilinski, Adv. ,Partner

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Michael Gilinski, Adv., has a bachelor's degree in law and two bachelor's degrees (graduated with honors) in business manager. He worked at the State's Attorney and served as deputy  attorney general.

Michael is Experienced Partner with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry. Skilled in Enterprise Risk Management, Internal Audit, and Corporate Governance.