Our Services


  • Internal audit and risk assessments.

  • Capital markets audits.

  • Corporate governance and ISOX compliance.

  • Forensic audit and fraud assessments.

  • Policy documentation.

We are an official supplier to the Israeli Ministry of Defense


Our core values include: utmost professional standards,  self criticism, and strict quality control; and we adhere to our values whenever we service each of our clients – big or small.  We work closely with our clients, deliver on time, push for excellent results, and believe that the clients’ interests always come first /and comprehensive concern to the clients' interests.



Our client portfolio represents a wide array of sectors, such as: capital markets, insurance and pension funds, energy and infrastructure, green energy (cleantech water and biotechnology), industrial and commerce, hotels and tourism, Kibbutzim and agriculture,food and retailing, real estate and projects.


Our clients demonstrate high satisfaction with our services thanks to the unique added value we offer.